Reviver has just released a preview of the new album “A Thousand Lives” on Youtube. A number of short segments of the album have been collected to give a nice impression. Enjoy!

The album will be released on 22-2-22.
Like the debut album from 2005, the successor will be full of heavy metal with progressive elements.
The unique voice of Patrick, his high screams combined with dutch ultimate guitar tandem Mantel/Heemskerk offering guitar battles and stainless steel riffs. All on a solid base of the powerful striking drums from Tom van Veenhuijzen and steady bass playing of Stefan Brederode. Yes, it’s Reviver. They are back!
The 10 new songs are recorded in the same line-up of 2005:
Patrick van Maurik – vocals
Fred Mantel – guitars
Tom Heemskerk – guitars
Stefan Brederode – Bass
Tom van Veenhuijzen – Drums
Guest appearance in You Belong to Me: Charlene Wez
Recordings, mix, music and lyrics by Reviver
Mastered by Attie Bauw
Track list:
1. Kill the King
2. A Thousand Lives
3. The Fearless
4. Hands of the USA
5. You Belong to Me
6. Our Voice
7. Shelter from Sorrow
8. Into the Tomb
9. Prisoner of Faith
10. Tell Me
Reviver - A Thousand Lives - new album

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