Excellent review by German metal magazine X-Crash. 9 out of 10 points! Great new reviews keep coming in. Thank you very much!

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What is the best remedy for a hangover? Sure, coffee and metal always work! The musical start is made on today’s sunny Sunday by Reviver from northern Holland. The quintet, which was already active in the mid-nineties and then temporarily ditched the sails in 2006, has been active again for five years and seventeen years after their self-titled debut their second coup is released these days. The follow-up work is called “A Thousand Lives”. The 2005 album “Reviver” got mighty good reviews and of course the expectations are correspondingly high. A martially colorful cover with a winged transformer goes quite well with the progressive Power Metal of the Dutch band. Ten classic songs are on the track list and with forty-seven minutes the willing fan gets a decent consideration for his hard-earned cash.

It starts with decently pushing guitars, which are flanked by drums that are as powerful as they are dynamic. Fronter Patrick van Maurik, who was also briefly active with the Hamburg melodic power metallers Tragedian, does a first-class job and is always accurate, even at dizzying heights. The following title track can definitely score with me with its slightly progressive touches. Cool melody lines make the songs exciting and varied. What is most impressive for me is the power of the songs. Even on quieter tones, like on “You Belong To Me”, Reviver cut a fine figure, really epic number. The following “Our Voice” really steps on the gas and is mostly a nice, fast Power Metal track.

Phew, for the first disc of the day that’s a solid announcement. Reviver shine with great melodies, playful guitar parts, a really fat production and a charismatic frontman who is absolutely on point at all times. In short, a super complex continuation of the discography. I’m really surprised that there is always Power Metal that I like. There are decent points for that alone.

Rating: 9/10

Author: Tino-Sternagel-Petersen


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