Stefan Brederode

Stefan started buying a guitar when he was fourteen years old. He played in a few bands as a guitarist in the early years. Stefan was a big fan of metal during that period of time. In one of the bands he played in, there was no bass player and Stefan took over the bass. He really enjoyed doing this and decided to continue as a bass player. In addition, Stefan’s father already played in a band. Also, his brother was a drummer. Music was central in the Brederode family.

Stefan’s musical influences are mainly power metalm especially Gamma Ray and Helloween. Later, he also started listening to rock and roll music. In fact, he grew up with Elvis. His mother was a fan of Elvis and the family heard nothing but Elvis.

The new Reviver record feels very old school to Stefan. Just back to the eighties. Nowadays, everything is produced so dead that there is almost no life in it. And luckily this record has that, it’s just old school.

Stefan’s biggest hobby is riding motorcycles. He likes to go on long rides on his harley davidson during the weekends. And after that, going out to a terrace with his wife. Or a movie in the cinema. Stefan visits a lot of metal festivals, or doing something fun with his sons. Besides that, he runs a painting business. Because you can’t live from music alone these days.


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