New great review from German metal magazine Saiten Kult! Reviver is always happy with the never ending support from our German friends. Germany loves power metal. Just as we do! Saiten Kult rated the new Reviver album with 8 out of 10 points!

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English translation:

Welcome back, REVIVER!

No, I haven’t heard this band from the Netherlands before. The biggest time was the years 2003 to 2006, when they released two EPs and a full, self-titled album. In addition, tracks appeared on various compilations. The then still existing “Heavy Oder Was” for example let REVIVER participate in the ‘Metal Crusade III’. But they also took part in tributes to SAXON or RUNNING WILD. Then something happened that many bands experience. They couldn’t agree on the musical way. So the dissolution took place in 2006.

In 2017 the two guitarists met again. Probably, also the thought came up to reactivate the success line-up of the noughties. So they play together again, Patrick van Maurik on vocals, the six-stringers Tom Heemskerk and Fred Mantel, Stefan Brederode on bass and drummer Tom van Veenhuijzen. But also, seventeen long years between debut and current album 

Today, many years older, many years more mature, REVIVER have found their way. If one did not know better, one could locate the guys somewhere between Texas and Colorado. To describe the whole package as US Power Metal is certainly not wrong. With the energetic guitar work, the slightly siren-like vocals and the hinted prog note, it’s not far off to draw comparisons with HELSTAR and JAG PANZER.

But what’s most important is that they create songs that stick in your brain for a long time. Examples? Sure. Let’s take the furious ‘Hands Of The USA’. And there, next to the rage, is a really catchy, concert-goer-friendly chorus. I would like to add one thing to the critical look into the recent history. The problem is currently not the USA or the West, currently one should speak of the “Hands Of Putin”. The following Thrasher ‘Kill The King ‘ calls but rather not to the tyrannicide. Another tip from my side would be ‘Tell Me’. This plays with atmosphere and dynamics next to furiously fast speed attacks.

REVIVER has succeeded a really strong turn. Besides fans of the above mentioned bands, all those who liked the last output of SCEPTOR should risk an ear. And also at home they should be seen on a qualitative level with PICTURE or BURNING. Enough words, there is still one deed to do, the awarding of 8 points.

Author: Mario Wolski

Saiten Kult

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