Fred Mantel

Fred is founder member of Reviver and formed the band together with Tom Heemskerk in 1997. Fred has always been part of the Reviver line-up. Other bands Fred has been involved in as a guitar player, are Last Restraint, Magnetude and Nightsnake. Besides performing on guitar, he’s working as an audiovisual engineer. He has produced the Reviver albums, but he has also worked for bands like Profound, Roadkill, Noctumbre and Dominion producing their albums.

At a younger age, Fred didn’t had any music background at all. When he was sixteen years old, he visited a friend who owned a guitar. Fred asked him to learn him a few chords and classical pieces. He borrowed a guitar from a neighbour and started to practice. He practised 3 hours per day and even more in the holidays and weekends.

Later on, Fred bought his own guitar and started a band with some friends, just for fun. They performed a gig on high school and it was a great success surprisingly. That band was Last Restraint. From that moment, Fred considered himself as a musician.

Later on, Fred catched on with Reviver, together with the other Last Restraint guitar player Tom. During that years, grunge music was very popular. The guys hoped the eighties were back, including those fantastic bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Let’s do it ourselves, let’s bring heavy metal back!

Iron Maiden was the first band which brought Fred into heavy metal. He bought all the albums and was a huge fan. What Iron Maiden did, that’s what Fred wanted to do too. Later on, there were other influences of course. His personal biggest influence is Crimson Glory. He considers their first two albums as the best metal albums of all time.

Apart from performing as a musician, Fred works as a videographer creating audiovisuals for different kind of creative projects, like music video’s. Fred is especially skilled in computer generated graphics. For Reviver, this is quite helpful. Reviver creates artwork and video clips on their own behalf.

During the few free hours Fred has, he loves travelling and spending time on the camp site. He has performed traditional martial arts for several years. Other interests are ancient mysteries, computer gaming and French culture.

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